Professional water damage cleanup services for Corpus Christi homes

The aftermath of a water-caused emergency, like a flood or storm, can be very chaotic and messy. For example, if the damage is due to a flood, you’ll have broken furniture, floor and wall damage, wet carpeting, and much dirt.

All these components require professional water damage cleanup services. That’s what Texas Riviera Restoration is here to do for you. Connect you with local professionals who can handle the job. Get in touch today!

Residential kitchen needs water damage restoration for their Corpus Christi home.

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What you should know about water damage cleanup

As soon as water enters your home, it opens the doors for mold. In most cases, mold begins growing in just 24 hours. While active spores start growing immediately, inactive ones will hide around your house and attack when they have the conditions for thriving.

How does mold affect a person?

The most prevalent effect of mold is allergy-like symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, headaches, and watery eyes. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to even more severe health issues, such as asthma or chronic respiratory illnesses.

Importance of proper disposal in a water-related emergency

When a water-related emergency arises in your home, you should not deal with it yourself. Here’s why:

  • You will need the right equipment and tools to handle the situation
  • The presence of mold and contaminants will make it unsafe for you to work in the area
  • You must learn how to dispose of all the damaged items or materials properly

The best approach is to stay out of danger and hire a professional. Call us today to connect with experts near you.

Tips about flooded basement cleanup in Corpus Christi

A flooded basement poses a considerable risk to you and your property. As sewage water seeps into the basement, it contains many contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. Not to mention, the moisture in the basement creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive.

Causes of basement water damage

There are many reasons why a basement can get flooded, such as heavy rainfall, broken pipes, and inadequate drainage. When this happens, you must take immediate action, or the damage will spread to other parts of your home.

How urgently should you opt for flooded basement cleanup?

You should call us as soon as you notice flooding in your basement. Our technicians have advanced tools and equipment to ensure a thorough area cleanup.

We will also identify the presence of mold and remediate the situation to make your home safe for living again. So call us today to avail of our services.

How to stay safe?

You must immediately evacuate the area if the water reaches a dangerously high level. Then, go to a place of higher altitude and call for help.

Please only attempt to return to the flooded area once a professional declares it safe. As soon as you can return to your home, call us. Our network 24/7 services mean our partners can come over for an inspection quickly.

After that, they will determine the extent of damage in your home. Our experts will then tell you the timeline and course of action for water damage cleanup. Contact us through a call or the contact form on our website.

Tools used for water damage cleanup

You can’t use your everyday cleaning tools when there’s excess water in an area. Instead, specialized tools and equipment are required. A

Air Movers

An air mover, as its name indicates, moves air. Dampness and wetness are the typical aftereffects of water damage. Since a damp area attracts mold, drying it to prevent mold growth is essential. Air movers help do this.

LGR Dehumidifiers

Professionals use specialized dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in your home. LGR, which stands for low-grain refrigerant, is a highly effective dehumidifier.

These dehumidifiers can pull out more than 150 pints of moisture in the air daily.

Self-Propelled Dump Containers

Water damage cleanup involves much mess. This is where dump containers come in handy. Experts bring self-propelled dump containers to quickly dispose of all the water and debris. The containers are self-contained and can be moved around with minimum effort as they are designed to hold a large amount of waste.

Moisture Meters

Professional water damage contractors only leave your property if it is dry and safe. They use moisture meters to detect the presence of any remaining dampness in your home. They check all the walls and floors carefully, so there is no chance of any further water damage.

Since you won’t have this equipment at home and renting it will put a dent in your pocket, it’s best to hire professionals who have these tools and know how to get the best out of them.

What to do if your carpet experiences water damage

If your furry little friend has peed on the carpet or you accidentally dropped juice on it, you can get the stain out by using baking soda or other DIY remedies. But what about flooding?

Call a professional if your carpet has taken in a lot of water.

How to clean carpets after water damage?

Unfortunately, not every carpet can be saved. If the flooding has occurred for more than 48 hours, replacing the carpet is best.

If the water damage is not as extreme, professional water damage contractors will take the following steps to clean it:

  • First, they dry the carpet using air movers, fans, and wet/dry vacuums. Drying out the carpet is vital to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Then, they use carpet shampooers, stain removers, and other cleaning agents to clean the carpets
  • They deodorize the carpets using a deodorizing agent